Firebells and Fanfare 2010 - Grand Forks BC

Hi Trent, As was mentioned at the conference in May, Grand Forks is holding Firebells and Fanfare 2010 on the August long weekend. For anyone unfamiliar with Firebells and Fanfare, it is an antique fire apparatus show and shine. There will be a parade on Saturday July 31 followed by a show and shine downtown. On Sunday, the apparatus will be on display in City Park with some trucks (including Victoria's 1899 steam pumper) drafting water out of a dump tank and pumping it back into the river. I've attached a 'poster' for the event as well. At this time, I believe we have about 50 pieces of equipment ranging from 1860's era carts right up to one (or more) brand new 2011 truck(s). If anyone is interested in more information they can contact us at or call 250-442-3612.